The Awakened Speaker
3-day Virtual AND Interactive Training

Master the art of speaking and selling from the stage.

Not only will your entire business be transformed, you will walk into any room with authentic confidence, whether you are there to speak or not.

When you take the stage:

  • Your credibility goes way up as soon as you step on stage -- whether in front of a live or virtual audience.
  • Your income can increase at a faster rate, as you are now talking to many people at once.
  • You will have a greater positive influence on others.

Everything turned around for us when we started putting serious, time, money and effort into going from "good enough" to "great."

Speaking is the least expensive and most effective way to market yourself and your services. You don't have to pay to get in front of your perfect clients and customers, AND being on stage or livestreaming is the best time to convert.

The only catch is . . . you need to be great!

        . . . AND

We are confident we can help you become an AWAKENED SPEAKER who promotes themselves well and touches people's lives.

At this 3 –day comprehensive training you will:

  • Discover your biggest assets and natural talents that you already have, and learn how to use them more consistently and effectively.
  • Attract more supporters, clients, and customers by learning how to write and deliver a compelling call to action during your presentations.
  • Get feedback on your habits that diminish your presence.
  • Get feedback on the clarity of your message and how your personal story weaves into your presentations.
  • Dramatically increase your stage and virtual presence and connect with your audiences by using proven techniques of singers, dancers and professional speakers.
  • You'll get valuable time in front of a safe and supportive audience.
We’d love to support you in becoming a  more powerful, authentic, and effective presenter.
Join us!

August 6-8, 2021 - US (VIRTUAL)


"For the last 14 years I’ve been on stages, and I’m always looking to take my speaking to a greater level and higher place. You must do the same, if you want to be great on stage, and want to double your income. I started working with Datta because he had some answers that I didn’t have and he revealed my blind spots to me.

Going forward, if you cannot take over a stage or be great on camera, you are going to be limited on the money you can make. SO you have to surround yourself with people who that can point out your blind-spots and give you that inspiration and the framework to be successful - and that is Datta Groover. I will continue to work with Datta.

I take from the best."

Bo Eason — Speaker, NFL Player, Writer and Performer of the hit Broadway play “Runt of the Litter.

Bo Eason
James Twyman

“I've been a professional speaker now for 15 years. I've traveled around the world and spoken to audiences far and wide, yet working with Datta only for about a half hour took me to another level. It took me up a notch - maybe even two or three notches. I'm really thrilled, and happy to have this opportunity. I'm going to keep working with him.

James Twyman — Author and Professional Speaker, Portland, Oregon

"Honest and sincere and constructive feedback—thank you for that so much! I got very clear and well-articulated information about public speaking. What best says it all, I think, is that you touched my heart. This is so much more than talking in front of people—it's soul communication."

Karolina Kempe — Actress and Speaker, Lund, Sweden

Karolina Kempe

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